Mission Statement

We will walk, feed, administer medication, bathe (if necessary), brush, play games or even just sit and cuddle if that's what they like.
Most pets that we domesticate and gain as "Family" members come from pack related species. They don't understand why they are left alone for long periods of time. That's where our Four Wheels Four Paws team steps in to help save the day. Whether you are enjoying a much needed vacation away from your busy work schedule or you are just on a regular work day, we are here to help.
It's hard to find the perfect solution to caring for your pets in our busy lifestyles, we will plan a course of action that best suits all of your needs. 
Most of us rely upon friends, neighbours and family members to assist us when our pets need care.It can sometimes place a burden on others, and sometimes its better to call in the professionals to do what they do best. Cater to your pets needs, sometimes at a moments notice, since emergencies do arise.  We are always on the move 7 days/week. We will often be able to tend to pet within a few hours notice.
We are highly trained in animal behaviour and are very aware when something is just not right. We will not hesitate to take every precaution and measure to ensure your pet's health and safety and welfare in any given situation.
We are very strong in our beliefs and want all pets to be safe healthy and most important...HAPPY!

We are very passionate about our job and love what we do. It would be a pleasure and honour to care for your pet.


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Therapy Dog Volunteer AGREEMENT FORM