Nancy Maggio

I would like to take this is time to share my experience with Debbie Loewen as my dog trainer.
Let me first tell you about my beautiful Sammy. He is a 4 year old Sheltie. Sammy started having barking and lunging issues just after we got him fixed in July 2013. Anytime someone (anyone other than myself) sneezes or coughs or makes any sudden jerky movement.
I was under the misperception that a dog trainer comes into your home, assesses your dog, and does their "dog whisperer" thing and trains the dog to behave. Wrong.
Debbie came to my home, was very familiar with the Sheltie breed and immediately took command of the room. Yes, us too! A dog is a family member, and the training is a family issue. She has taught us the correct vs incorrect reaction to Sammy's action. She has given us helpful exercises to assist with the process. She has an answer for EVERY question and/or circumstance. She is thorough, she is gentle yet firm. She is on time. She LOVES dogs. Ultimately, lucky for us, she LOVES her job.
She has taught us how to communicate with Sammy in his language, which of course, has brought us closer.
It's been a long time that someone has impressed me this much. Debbie, we all love and thank you for joining our family.

Nancy Maggio, Sammy and family.

Michael Hill

Concerned pet owners:

If you need a responsible, smart and professional dog trainer/walker to help exercise, play with, and keep your loved one from being bored or lonely- Deb's the one who can help. I have an older black lab whom I consider very bright and caring and she just loves Deb. Deb cares very deeply for the pets she looks after and treats them the way you want them to be treated; with care, love and strict guidance. Deb will look after your pet, but through training and respect, be sure they are well behaved too. Never one to harm or scare a dog, through patience and knowledge Deb will be sure your dog is well taken care of. She knows what to do in all circumstance and will always be fair and considerate in pricing and timing to be sure you and your pet are happy. In all aspects of dog training, care and exercise I heartily recommend Deb Loewen.

Michael Hill

Jen B.

Through the knowledge and training that Debbie has provided, she has helped to save my dog's life on more than one occasion. I have yet to come across a problem or issue that she didn't have a solution for! I have been working with Debbie for over a year now and she has been extremely personable from the beginning. She would take the time to offer suggestions and help with problems on her personal time and would follow up to see how everything went. If something comes up that I am unsure about now, my first thought is: I should ask Debbie about this!

Jen B

Pauline Hering

To whom it may concern,

I would just personally like to express my confidence in Debbie Loewen when it comes to dealing with family pets.
Debbie has always put the clients first (clients being the animals). Her love for other peoples pets is unconditional, and treats all of them as if they were her own. She has spent time with my dogs, and has never been anything but professional and confident in any dealing with them. I have a chow X and he has proven to be a challenge to us. Debbie was calm and assertive with him, which truly has changed his demeanor.
Thank you Debbie, for taking the time with my Tucker, and I wish you continued success with your own business!

Pauline Hering