Welcome to "Four Wheels Four Paws" where we cater to your pet's every need in their own home. It is our mission to fulfill those needs while you're away. Our pets don't understand that we need to go to work to provide for them. Some pets, for instance, suffer from separation anxiety and become frustrated and confused.
This, in many cases, leads to destructive behaviour. We can't expect our pet to be a perfect citizen while being left alone for long periods of time whether kenneled or not.

Most undesirable behaviour can be easily cured with a mid-day walk, potty break, cuddles, perhaps a treat, and a few minutes tossing a toy. Even the most highly trained dogs may have accidents or act out in inappropriate ways which may leave the owners feeling angry and/or frustrated. These feelings may result from feeling guilty about leaving their pets behind when they must go to work. Four Wheels Four Paws lets you leave your worries behind. Whether you're at work or away, we provide sweet loving care to your precious babies at appropriate times to ensure their health and, most importantly, their safety. We treat them like our own. We end up becoming very attached and find places in our hearts.....even snakes, maybe. We get to know your pets likes and dislikes and form a lifetime bond. We design a plan to best suit their needs and yours.

Did you know, when you give "belly rubs" to a dog, it reminds them of their mother and releases positive hormones to their brain? This will very often calm a restless puppy or a nervous adult. I come from a family of pet-lovers and have been one since I was just two years old. For Christmas that year, Santa brought me the cutest, fluffiest,
mangiest, scruffiest puppy I had ever seen and of course we named her "Dusty". She was my best friend until I was fifteen. I devoted every spare
moment to her: playing Barbies, taking endless pictures, playing Veterinarian, making forts, etc. I've since dedicated my life to taking care of all types of
animals and making sure they're well trained, happy, healthy, and of course, "SAFE".